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I have a 3D design file that I would like to be 3D printed

Our 3D Printing Service is designed for those that have a 3D printable design (STL file) and would like to get it simply 3D printed without having a 3D printer at home, whether this be in a batch of 1000 or 1.

Our focus is on affordability and a fast turnaround. The 3D AM print farm includes both FDM (filament-based) and SLA (resin-based) meaning we can provide you with the most suitable method of 3D printing for your particular design. You will guide us on your needs and we will provide you with the AM solution best suited to your application. 

We believe everyone should have easy access to 3D printing, if you don’t have a 3D design… Our application engineers will support you within this process, please see our Design and 3D Print Service.

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